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The T-23 is a stable, high quality, stand-alone biometric fingerprint system.
The T-23 system is an easy, accurate and cost effective way of recording time & attendance.
This biometric system offers your company the security of Fingerprint Recognition which means
no more “buddy clocking” thereby saving you money.
The time & attendance software installation on your PC is simple to configure and operate.
Reports that the provided time & attendance software generates can be exported to Excel for further manipulation (if necessary) and easy payroll calculation.
The T-23 Package is simple to install and most of our customers choose “DIY” installation.
The terminal comes with a 12 month factory warranty and we are happy offer all our customers free telephonic support for 45 days from date of delivery.


·Storage of 3000 fingerprint templates for 1000 staff with 3 fingers each.
·Fingerprint images are converted to an algorithm for storage and high speed retrieval.
·Memory storage of 80 000 transactions. (Battery protected)
·False Acceptance Rate (FAR): <0.0001, False Rejection Rate (FRR) : <0.01.
·Response time: under 0.7 seconds.   
·Under 1 minute to enroll new staff on the terminal.
·Clocking produces an audible and visual response from the T-23 terminal.
·Clearly marked IN / OUT buttons (Green / Red)
·Staff can ‘clock’ using either a fingerprint, password (PIN) or card (optional).
·Sensitivity levels can be individually adjusted for degraded fingerprints.
·Communication: USB Flash Drive, RS-232, RS-485 or TCP/IP (network).
·Internal battery back-up to operate during power failure.
·Can be used for Simple Access Control & to operate a Siren/Bell.

·Very simple to install, configure and use.
·No annual license fee on software.
·On PC adding of missing clocking.
·Multiple Departments, Shifts & Schedules.
·Worked Hours calculated to the minute with Daily Overtime Facility.
·Data Exported to Excel for Easy Payroll Calculation.

1.T-23 Fingerprint Terminal (with USB slot, RJ-45 jack & battery back-up)
2. Mounting Bracket, with fixing screws and wall plugs (simple DIY installation)
3. Power Supply Transformer and Cable (1.4 Meter)
4. Serial Data Cable RS-232 (1.4 Meter)
5. Flash Drive (Memory Stick)  
           With Easy Setting Guide (written by our staff)
6. Mini Disc
           Time & Attendance Software (no license fee)
           Hardware Manual - T-23
           Software Manual - T-23
           Demo of Software (AVI)

       Internal Proximity Card Reader
       Proximity Cards
       External Signal Box
       220VAC Siren / Bell
       Extended RS-232 Data Cable (max 30 Meters) 
       Car Charger (from cigarette lighter)

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Download Data via USB flash drive, TCP/IP or RS-232.
No monthly or annual fees. Only a once-off payment.